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Top Six Tips for an Epic Vegas Club Crawl Experience

Top Six Tips for an Epic Vegas Club Crawl Experience

A Nocturnal Tours Vegas club crawl will definitely give you an evening to remember.  Hitting up several of the top Sin City nightclubs in one single night and getting VIP treatment at each stop makes for the ultimate nightlife adventure.

So, the last thing you want is to have to cut the evening short and miss out on an amazing experience. To make sure your party night goes as planned – and you last until the end of the club crawl – check out the following tips.


Follow the Vegas Club Dress Code

All of the top Las Vegas clubs enforce a strict dress code, and the bouncers aren’t going to be lenient just because you’re with Nocturnal Tours. Arguing won’t help at all — you’ll just have to go change clothes. Dress to impress, and you won’t have a problem getting past the velvet ropes.  


Don’t Bring Valuables on the Club Crawl

Nocturnal Tours parties at venues that are always safe, but bringing valuables along is not a wise idea. After all, who wants to spend the evening worrying about losing a prized possession? Leave the valuables back at the hotel, and you’ll feel more comfortable about letting go and really throwing down at the top Vegas clubs.


Eat Before You Hit the Vegas Clubs

Somewhere along your Vegas club crawl, you’ll come across venues that serve tasty appetizers and delicious bar snacks. But, you never know how long it will be before you get a chance to eat – and drinking on an empty stomach could be a recipe for disaster. Even if you’re not particularly hungry, eat a small meal before heading out on your nightlife adventure.


Pace Yourself During the Club Crawl

Sure, tossing back a drink or two can add to your party fun. But, drink too much too fast and you could end up reaching your limit long before the end of the Vegas club crawl. Pace yourself, and if you start feeling a little wobbly, slow down the drinking and grab a snack.


Stay Hydrated While Crawling the Vegas Clubs

Hydration is important if you want to last the entire night, and drinking water along with alcohol can help you avoid that dreaded morning hangover. Aim to drink at least one glass at each of the Vegas clubs. Order a water when you order your alcoholic drink to make staying hydrated easier.


Book Your Vegas Party Night Ahead of Time

Planning ahead is key to an epic evening in Sin City. The top Vegas clubs draw massive crowds every night, and club crawls can get completely booked. Reserve your spot ahead of time, and you’ll be locked in for an amazing nightlife adventure.

Nocturnal Tours offers an incredible first-class party experience, with instant entry and no cover charges at the hottest nightclubs. Topping off the night is an unforgettable ride on our tricked-out party bus. To learn more or to book your Vegas club crawl, contact us today.