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The Low-Down on Vegas Nightclub Etiquette

The Low-Down on Vegas Nightclub Etiquette

Before getting all geared up for your club crawl, you may want to brush up on the basics of Las Vegas nightclub etiquette. Being courteous is important, as it helps everyone have a great time.

When it comes to proper nightclub behavior, common sense and good manners rule. Follow the pointers below, and your night will be a raging success.


Treat Vegas Nightclub Doormen with Respect

When you party with Nocturnal Tours, your entry at the top Vegas nightclubs is prearranged so you don’t have to wait in line with the massive crowds or pay cover charges.

That said, each Vegas nightclub has a doorman who checks IDs and verifies that everyone meets the dress code. If you’re pulled out of the group for any reason, don’t argue or start flipping out –  Disrespect the doorman, and you will end up banned from the club for the night.


Keep it Moving on the Nightclub Dance Floor

It may sound obvious, but the dance floor is for dancing. Get out there and get your groove on if you want to – but if you don’t, go somewhere else.

You can pull out your cell phone to snap a few pics while you shake it on the dance floor. Anything more than that, like making calls, texting or posting social media updates, should wait. Everyone else is out there to bust some moves, and standing there with your cell phone for too long may kill the vibe.


Don’t Bother the Vegas Nightclub DJs

Professional DJs are hired by the top Vegas nightclubs to perform and keep the massive crowds entertained. In many venues, partiers are able to get up close to the stage, right where the DJ is working.

But, that doesn’t mean you can put in a song request. The DJs have already determined an artistic direction for the evening, and they don’t need or want your input. Displaying proper Vegas nightclub etiquette means not disturbing the DJ.


Don’t Forget to Tip on Your Vegas Night Out

As a Vegas club crawl partier, you’re looking to have fun – and you most certainly will. Keep in mind, though, that others are working hard to ensure that your evening is an absolute blast.

Treat your bartenders, cocktail servers, and party hosts well by remembering to tip. And, if you experience particularly great service, tip generously. Rewarding people for a job well done is always the right thing to do.

Have questions? The friendly staff at Nocturnal Tours know the ins and outs of Vegas nightclub etiquette – contact us to learn more or to schedule your Sin City club crawl today.