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What is the Dress Code for Las Vegas Nightclubs?

What is the Dress Code for Las Vegas Nightclubs?

Wouldn’t it be endlessly embarrassing – and not to mention a huge headache – to get turned away at the door of the hottest Las Vegas nightclubs?

That’s exactly what will happen if you don’t meet the dress code. Your well-dressed friends could breeze on past the bouncer, while you’re stuck heading back to the hotel for a change of clothes.

So, how do you make sure you get through the velvet ropes? Check out our tips on how to get geared up for your Sin City club crawl.


What NOT to Wear to Las Vegas Nightclubs

While the dress code can vary slightly from venue to venue, certain items are frowned upon at just about every nightclub.

Athletic attire of any sort – including jerseys, shorts and sweats — is a definite no-no. Even sporty shoes can get you banned from entering, and don’t even think about wearing a baseball cap.

Baggy or ripped clothes, tank tops, capris and cutoff jeans are also generally forbidden at the top Vegas nightclubs. And, all venues don’t allow t-shirts.

As for footwear, wearing flip-flops, sandals, or work boots is never a good idea.


How to Dress for the Las Vegas Nightclubs

You’ve probably heard that you need to dress to impress. But what does that mean, exactly?

For guys, the standard look is dark dress pants or fitted designer jeans along with a collared, button-up shirt. Sports coats are also ok, though you’ll probably feel overdressed if you wear a full suit. Stylish, all-black tennis shoes may get you past some Las Vegas bouncers, but you might want to play it safe with leather dress shoes.

For the ladies, the dress code is simple – just wear whatever makes you look hot. Your favorite LBD or cocktail dress should ensure velvet rope success. Or, you could go with a sleek pair of jeans and a sexy top. Either way, make sure you wear heels, as they’re required at most of the top Vegas nightclubs.


Pack Lightly for Your Night Out in Las Vegas

That large purse or backpack you always carry? Leave it back at the hotel – you don’t need tons of stuff for a fun night out in Las Vegas, and you don’t want to fight your way through the massive crowds with a giant bag.

Guys can usually get by with just a wallet. Ladies often need to carry a bit more gear, however. A small shoulder or cross-body purse works well, as it won’t get in the way as you get your groove on.

One item the ladies should carry? A pair of foldable flats. No one looks at your shoes once you’re inside the Vegas nightclubs, so you can easily switch out your heels and dance the night away.
Have questions? The Nocturnal Tours team understands the ins and outs of the Sin City nightlife scene, and we can offer more tips on meeting the dress code at the top Las Vegas nightclubs. Contact us to learn more and book your club crawl adventure today.