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VODMG Full-Auto Machine-guns Shooting Experience

Complimentary Private Shuttle | Available Day or Night

VOD Experience Glock 17, AK 47, M4, MP5
SMG Experience Uzi, UMP 45, MP5, PDW F/A Glock 17
Victor 5 Experience Sig P320, S&W Model 69, HK 33, Uzi, Remington 870
Assaulter Experience M4, SCAR H, HK 33, AK 47
VOD Elite Experience Glock 17, Desert Eagle, AK 47, Remington 870, Remington 700, MP5, M4, M249 SAW
3x3 Low Caliber Experience Ruger 22/45, AR-15 22LR, MP5
Hitman Experience Suppressed M9, Suppressed SPR 5.56, Suppressed Rem 700, Suppressed MP5
Observer Along for the experience

VOD Machine Guns

  • Vegas Ordnance Development (VOD) machine guns is based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA established since 2017 own by a gun enthusiast who has well-experienced over 10 years in the firearms industry.
  • VODMG offers fully-automatic machine guns desert shooting experiences, with our highly-trained firearms instructors and range officers will offer the best and most fun shooting experience in Las Vegas for tourist and locals.