Vegas Party Pass

Quick Details

  • Free drinks
  • Free cover
  • Complimentary transportation
  • Exclusive offers & discounts

Enjoy the VIP treatment and incredible savings as you explore the Entertainment Capital of the World

Sound too good to be true? This discount membership card from Nocturnal Tours offers the hottest entertainment deals available, bargains that cannot be found elsewhere.

All the fun, none of the hassle
Las Vegas has never been more exciting. The city is home to some of the world’s top nightclubs, bars, strip clubs, restaurants, spas, and golf courses. With our all-access pass, you get to experience the best treatment, deals, and service at these hotspots. You can have the adventure of a lifetime without doing any planning.

Nocturnal Tours has done all of the work for you. No endless searching for bargains, no making phone calls, no wasting time. Everything you need is right here, so partying like a VIP couldn’t be easier – or less expensive.

Exclusive perks and massive discounts
The first-class deals on the Nocturnal Tours all-access party pass are not offered anywhere else in Las Vegas, and the savings are immense.

Current perks include complimentary VIP entry, special ticket and attraction pricing, and luxury transportation. You can also expect to find “buy one, get one” offers, free drinks, and food discounts. You definitely don’t want to miss out on these deals!

Las Vegas is one of those places everyone wants to visit. The fast pace and glamour are quite appealing, but exploring Sin City on your own can be a daunting task. With our VIP membership card, you can take on the city without a care in the world. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

Live like a big spender without spending big. Let Nocturnal Tours show you how to have a great time in the City of Lights. Contact us to get your Vegas Party Pass today.

Your VPP Card gets you:

  • Free drinks
  • Free cover
  • Complimentary transportation
  • Exclusive offers & discounts

Your VPP Card is valid at:

  • Chevron down DAY CLUBS
    • Drai’s Beach Club (guestlist)
    • Daylight Beach Club (guestlist)
    • Go Pool (free cover)
    • Palms Pool (free cover)
    • Sapphire Pool (free cover)
    • Rehab Day Club (guestlist)
  • Chevron down BARS / LOUNGES
    • Rockhouse (free drink)
    • American (free drink)
    • PBR Rockbar (free drink)
    • Chayo (free drink)
    • Fizz (free drink)
  • Chevron down NIGHTCLUBS
    • Foundation Room (free cover)
    • Hyde (free cover)
    • Ghostbar (free cover)
    • Body English (free cover)
    • Light Nightclub (free cover)
    • Drai’s Nightclub (free cover)
    • Chateau (free cover)
    • Tao Nightclub (guestlist)
    • Marquee Nightclub (guestlist)
  • Chevron down GENTLEMEN’S CLUBS
    • Sapphire (free limo & free cover)
    • Treasures (free limo & free cover)
    • Spearmint Rhino (free limo & free cover)
    • CH 3 (free limo & free cover)
    • Hustler (free limo & free cover)
    • Sophia’s (free limo & free cover)
    • Centerfolds (free limo & free cover)